Material Handling

Our lineup loading dock lifts, industrial scissor lift tables, industrial turntables, container tilters, container dumpers, work access lifts, powered lifts, multistage lifts, and reciprocating conveyors will fill any need you might have.

Our dock lifts are perfect for making your loading dock 100% accessible. With our wide range of industrial applications, we can help increase productivity, safety, and efficiency at your business.

Vertical reciprocating conveyors are perfect for moving goods and materials between multiple floor levels! Our VRC lifts can be configured for C, Z, or L loading patterns and are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Our scissor lift tables are perfect for a variety of applications. They can help increase productivity, safety and efficiency in your workplace.

With our wide selection of styles and options, you’re sure to find the perfect table for your needs. We have hydraulic, air lift, pneumatic, mobile and portable tables available in a variety of sizes.

Advance Lifts offers a variety of industrial tilt tables that can help increase productivity, safety and efficiency. Our selection includes a variety of 30-90 degree tilt tables and container dumpers. Suitable for a wide range of applications, our scissor lift tilting tables can be modified to meet your specifications.

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