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Ergonomic Equipment

Industrial Turntable

Maximize efficiency in your workplace with our industrial turntables. With a variety of styles to choose from, we have the perfect rotating table for your needs. Call us today and find out which one is right for you!

All our turntables have these features:

  • Lower cost than powered turntables
  • These units are manually rotated.
  • These units can be rotated in either direction
  • All non-powered turntables are low profile.
  • Standard platforms are rectangular and round platforms are optional on all models except TML.
  • Rotational limits can be provided via optional detents, locking pins, and hard stops.
  • TM platforms are supported by lifetime lubricated roller bearing cam followers.
  • TML platforms are supported by lifetime lubricated ball bearing roller.
  • Platforms rotate around a lifetime-lubricated kingpin bearing.

Tilters Upenders

Our selection of tilt tables includes a variety of 30-90 degree tilt tables and container dumpers. Suitable for a wide range of applications, our scissor lift tilting tables can be modified to meet your specifications.

  • All models have hydraulic return lines on the cylinders to preclude oil weepage.
  • BT & BTS portable models are equipped with a 12 volt DC deep cycle battery power unit.
  • Hydraulic bin lifters are all battery operated and equipped with built in battery chargers.
  • BTP non-portable pan tilters are equipped with 1HP AC 110 Volt motors.
  • Portable units have “step down set”, “step down release” floor locks for ease of operation.
  • Portable units have ankle protection around the portability casters for added safety.
  • BT models have a backrest extension option to support extra wide containers
  • All bin tilters have warning light and audio warning options available.

Container Dumpers

Do you need to empty a container quickly and efficiently?

Our container dumpers are perfect for the task. We have a variety of models that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

  • 180 degree rotation using our patent pending “dumper linkage system” which quickly and compactly inverts the bin assembly to dump the most stubborn loads.
  • The unique dumper design keeps the center of gravity of the bin assembly and payload entirely within the dumper baseframe during the entire rotation cycle even in the improbable event that the payload remains stuck in the bin assembly in the full 180 degree rotated position.
  • Constant pressure push button control with ramp up and ramp down speeds anywhere in the operating range.
  • When “normal” dump mode is selected a knob allows dumping speed to be set from an approximate 15 second dump speed to whatever slower speed is appropriate for the payload. Reversing the dump cycle and resuming the dump cycle can be done manually at any point.
  • When the “shuffle” mode is selected, the knob and program button are used to set the angle at which the rotation stops and is reversed to the 90 degree position where the load is shaken with some intensity to rearrange the pay load. Then the unit continues rotation to the full 180 degree position. For customers with very difficult loads, special programs with multiple shuffles can be written.

Work Access Lifts

Our powered access platforms are the perfect solution. These lifts are perfect for a wide range of applications, and they’re built to last. Plus, they’re easy to operate, so anyone can use them safely and efficiently.

Electric Lifts

Do you want to improve the ergonomics of your workplace?

Our electric platform lifts are designed to help you do just that. By raising personnel up to an optimal working height, you can improve their comfort and productivity.

With a variety of sizes and travels available, we have the perfect electric lift for your needs. Plus, our IP 65 electric actuator ensures that these lifts are suitable for light wash down applications.

  • No hydraulics
  • Nema 1 controls (Nema 4 is available)
  • IP 65 rated actuator with 10% duty cycle
  • Baked enamel finish with smooth deck
  • (safety tread, stainless steel/Steel-It are optional)

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