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Dock Levelers

McGuire has been manufacturing loading dock levelers in the USA for decades. These quality levelers have been proven over the years to be some of the strongest and most reliable levelers on the market, providing a smooth and efficient loading process. McGuire dock levelers can be activated automatically or mechanically and are available as pit-style, edge-of-dock or vertical storing. Each leveler type comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet any loading dock requirements.

Mechanical Model MP

McGuire dock levelers are designed to make your loading and unloading process easier than ever.

Our mechanical dock levelers are made with your budget in mind, while still providing years of trouble-free service.

With a simple pull of the release chain, you can activate the fingertip release and smoothly lower the McGuire dock leveler to the trailer bed.

Hydraulic Model H

McGuire offers a hydraulic dock leveler to meet any of your dock equipment needs while providing low lifetime ownership costs and years of trouble free service with the industry’s best built-in safety.

Hydraulic levelers have added safety features and save time in operation and maintenance. Various sizes and capacities allow for a large amount of flexibility.

McGuire offers the best built-in safety with their hydraulic dock levelers. These levelers are also designed to be extremely durable and easy to use, saving you time and money. Purchase yours today!

Hydraulic Model HP

Our hydraulic dock levelers are designed for medium to lighter duty applications. They offer the same easy push button smooth, consistent operation as our heavy duty H series. You’ll also appreciate the easy clean out and servicing that is common among all McGuire products.
With a variety of sizes and capacities, we have a dock leveler that will fit your needs. Plus, our hydraulic levelers come with added safety features for your peace of mind. Save time in operation and maintenance with McGuire dock levelers.

CentraAir Powered Model CA

The McGuire CentraAir air-powered dock leveler is perfect for wash down applications or wet environments. It’s operated with “push button” activation and requires no electricity in the pit, making it an environmentally friendly addition to any material handling operation.

This leveler is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities and can be modified for special applications, so you can find the perfect one for your business.

MA Air Powered Model AP

McGuire offers the MA air-powered dock leveler as an easy push button pneumatic alternative to hydraulics.

The MA is designed for dependability and strength in light to medium to some heavy-duty applications. It’s a practical alternative that provides smooth, consistent operation with the same safety, durability, and toughness as McGuire’s other levelers.

Ease of clean out and servicing are features of all McGuire levelers, making them a practical choice for your budget and safety. Additionally, they are often mounted in a pre-formed pit at the dock to reduce the grade between the dock floor and the trailer bed – providing you with even more flexibility.

Vertical Storing Model VSH

The McGuire VSH Vertical Storing Leveler is the perfect solution for temperature sensitive applications. The vertical storing design provides the tightest environmental seal when not in use, and the push button convenience provides smooth, consistent operation. Various sizes and capacities allow for a large amount of flexibility, and the levelers can be installed in either a single pre-formed pit or a longer shelf style pit for multiple units.

Mechanical Edge of Dock Leveler MED

Looking for an economical and easy-to-use edge of dock leveler? Look no further than the McGuire MEDLF Mechanical EOD Leveler. These units are perfect for light duty applications where there is minimal difference between the trailer bed and dock height. They also don’t require a pit, making them ideal for retrofit projects. Simply mount the unit to the face of the dock and use the convenient “lift free” handle to place it in position. Operation is quick and easy, making it ideal for busy environments.

Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler Model HED

If you’re looking for a low-cost, hydraulically operated edge of dock leveler, the HED Series is a great option. With a recommended working range of +/-3” and a maximum operating range of +/-5”, it’s perfect for bridging the gap between your building and truck. A standard Nema 4 single pushbutton control makes activation easy, and the two-cylinder design ensures quiet, dependable operation. Plus, the unit comes with automatic and hydraulic restore functions for added convenience. So if you need a reliable edge of dock leveler that won’t break the bank, the HED Series is a great choice.

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