Commercial Doors:

High Speed Doors

Are you looking for a door that can handle the high speeds of your business? Our RapidFlex™ High Speed Doors are perfect for businesses that need a door that can keep up with the high speeds. They’re also perfect for businesses in food and beverage, manufacturing, clean rooms, auto and transit, mining and temperature control.

All of our High Speed Doors feature breakaway and self-reset, two sets of infrared obstruction detection, wireless reversing safety edges, and an industry-leading five year door system warranty. Plus, they’re easy to install so you can get started using them as soon as possible. Learn more about our High Speed Doors today.

High Speed Metal

Are you looking for a high-speed door that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing? Our RapidShield® and RapidView® high speed metal doors offer opening speeds up to 80” per second. They are engineered for high cycles and have a springless design that requires minimal interruption for maintenance. Our doors also feature a patent-pending integrated curtain-monitoring device and monitored wireless reversing edge. This makes them both safe and reliable.

High Speed Rubber

Are you looking for a high-speed door that can handle the most extreme applications? Our RapidFlex® High Speed rubber rolling doors are designed to withstand up to 27.0 psf and are perfect for harsh conditions. You’ll never have to worry about your door breaking down with our five year door system warranty. Plus, our infrared obstruction detection ensures safety for both people and property.

High Speed Freezer

RapidFreeze™ is the perfect door for your business if you need to maintain consistent temperatures on both sides of the door opening.

Our patented quad-sealed guide design ensures that there is no heat loss or condensation, making it the perfect choice for businesses with temperature and humidity variations.

With an optional heated air curtain, RapidFreeze™ can meet the thermal performance needs of any business. Plus, our fabric high speed freezer and cooler door is flexible enough to be used in a variety of settings.

Contact us today to learn more about how RapidFreeze™ can benefit your business!

High Speed Fabric

The RapidFlex​® series of fabric high speed fabric doors offer solutions for both interior and exterior applications.

Interior Fabric High Speed Doors

Looking for a safe and durable high speed door?

Our Model 990 and 991 high speed doors are perfect for your business. They’re made with safety in mind, so you can be sure that your employees and customers are always protected. And they’re durable, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down often.

Our Model 992 is perfect for larger businesses who need a bigger door size. It’s easy to replace sections in the field if something goes wrong, so you don’t have to wait long for repairs. Plus, it features our patent-pending curtain lock which allows the door to withstand pressure and keeps it safe from harm.

Exterior Fabric High Speed Doors

Overhead Door Chicago offers a wide variety of garage doors to choose from, including the Model 993 and 994. These high speed fabric doors are perfect for exterior applications and can withstand wind loads up to 22.0 psf.

You won’t find another door like it on the market today – the Model 994 features a patent-pending bottom wind lock and articulating roller wind struts which reduces operational noise while allowing the door to withstand pressure.

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